20+ Hidden Movie Details Few of Us Actually Understood

  • “Two hitmen hunted over Dublin murders” — this is what the headline of the newspaper Brendan Gleeson’s character is reading in Calvary. This is a reference to In Brugge where the actor also played the main role.

  • In John Wick: Chapter 2, the cars near the hotel are in the exact same places as they were in the first film even though the shooting was done 3 years apart. The authors were this specific because the events of the 2 films take place within 1 week.

  • In his jokes, Deadpool often breaks the fourth wall and almost mocks Ryan Reynolds who plays the role. So, when his character was taken into experimental surgery, he asked, “Please, don’t make my suit green.” This was in reference to Reynolds’ role in Green Lantern.

  • In the sequel to It, we see Stephen King’s cameo where he portrays a charismatic antique shop owner that sells Bill his old bike. Stephen King also criticizes Bill for the bad ending of his book — this is the same thing that King had been criticized for over the course of his entire career.

  • In It: Chapter Two, there’s a reference to the iconic film, The Shining. The moment when Beverly is in the bathroom and different people are trying to get in, one of them says the famous phrase, “Here’s Johnny!”

  • At the very beginning of Gone Girl, you can see Amy using several different pens while writing. She needed them to fake the diary.

  • At the beginning of Back to the Future, Part II, Marty meets Doc at a shopping mall called Twin Pines that was named after the 2 pines that were there before the mall was built. But after his trip to 1955, the DeLorean bumped into one of the trees, which resulted in the mall eventually being named Lone Pine.

  • And the ledge that Doc broke in the first part of Back to the Future was also broken in the sequel.

  • The movie’s second installment also had a small spoiler in it that referenced the third movie of the franchise. Look at the pattern on Doc’s shirt that has trains and horses on it.

  • In Men in Black 3, you can see Frank’s dog you already know from the previous films. Its portrait is in J’s room from the future. Also, when he came to the future, J parked near the poster announcing a performance by a speaking pug.


  • In the first season of Stranger Things, sheriff Jim Hopper wears a blue bracelet. Only after a series of flashbacks do we find out that it’s the hairband of his daughter who died.

  • And at the end of season 2, during the ball, you can see the same hairband on El’s hand. Jim started to take care of El and gave it to her.

If you were a movie creator, what Easter egg would you leave for viewers?

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